Sticking it out 
Winston Churchill once said, "Never give up, never, never give up."

Many times people stop pursuing a goal or a life's dream right before they would have succeeded. Before you start pursuing your goals or your dreams, make the decision that you will keep chipping away at your goals and dreams until they are a reality. 

There will be times that stopping and reevaluating your situation may be necessary. You may have have to find another route or another approach, but your ability to "stick it out" is what it will take to overcome the challenges and setbacks you will face. The more consistent and persistent you are in achieving your goals and dreams, the more confidence and determination you will become.

Dan Jansen was an Olympic speed skater who for two consecutive Winter Olympic Games (1988 and 1992) was the favorite to win Gold in both the 500m and 1000m races. He held world records in those events, but came away empty-handed both times. Determined to capture Gold, a lifelong dream of his, he continued to train and came back in 1994 for the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer (Norway). He was favored to win the 500m race as he set another world record just the year before, but he finished 8th. It came down to one final attempt in the 1000m race where he beat the odds to capture his one and only Gold medal and set another world record. 

Had Jansen stopped after the 1992 Olympics, he would have never realized his dreams. He chose to continue his journey until his dream was a reality. He chose to stick it out. 
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