Integrity is actionable 

This month, our character focus is on Integrity. Integrity means that our daily interactions with ourselves and with others are led by honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity. The following historical story speaks to the value of integrity and establishing trust with others.

The year was 1854. Jacob Hamblin was a Mormon pioneer sent from Illinois to help settle southern Utah as more and more people sought to move west.  Hamblin quickly developed a friendship with the Native Americans who lived there.  He did business with them regularly and they knew they could trust him to treat them honestly and fairly.  He was known as a man of integrity by his new friends because of his consistent actions.

One day he sent his son to obtain blankets from a Native American man, in exchange for a pony.  The man offered a pile of blankets after examining the pony, but the son, wanting to prove what a good business man he could be, refused the offer, saying he wanted more. 

The man continued to add blankets to the pile until the son agreed to the trade.  However, when the boy returned home, he found his father was not proud of his business skills.  The boy had taken more than the pony was worth, and he promptly sent the son to return half the blankets.

The Native American man, when the boy explained sheepishly what he was there to do, laughed.  He had known Hamblin would make his son return the extra blankets. 

You see integrity is actionable. It’s not just based on your words, but also your actions. If you want to become trustworthy, you must do things that build trust with others consistently over time.  And that is the essence of integrity.

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