Respect: A basic law of life 

For September, our character focus is on respect which means we honor the thoughts, feelings, and diversity of others. We hold in high regard the property of others and of the school.

I found out years ago that my ancestry from my father’s side goes back to the Cherokee nation.  They and other Native Americans called respect “a basic law of life,” one that helps us get along and live together peacefully.  Respect all people and all things for their intrinsic worth.  Every person, place and thing has value.

There are so many ways to demonstrate respect:  allowing others to speak without interruption and actually listening to what they are saying.  Greeting people each day with a smile and with kindness even to those people you don’t know.  Acknowledging and understanding that other people have thoughts and feelings that may be different than ours and it’s OK.  We can all learn from one another if we just take the time to listen and understand one another.  We're not always going to agree, but when we disagree we can always do so respectfully.

Sometimes you run into conflict where you may feel someone else has disrespected you. Quite often I hear from students, "well if they disrespect me I’m going to disrespect them."  In situations such as this, someone needs to be the “bigger person" as my father would say.  Find a peaceful and respectful resolution to the conflict.  Think to yourself, what can I do in this situation and still maintain dignity and respect. If a resolution cannot be reached, agree to disagree or ask a caring adult to assist you.

My parents taught me the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

Remember that respect is earned by giving it first. When you model respect toward others you are setting the example of what you expect in return.

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