Wellness in the workplace 
Corporate America has long seen the benefits of having wellness programs for employees where they work. According to fitness expert Dr. Steven Aldana, CEO of WellSteps, there are five benefits to having a wellness programs in the workplace.
  1. Improve Employee Health Behaviors
  2. Reduce Elevated Health Risks
  3. Reduce Health Care Costs
  4. Improve Productivity
  5. Can Decrease Absenteeism

See the full article here.

At Lee-Davis, we have also put more emphasis on wellness. Our staff spent some time during the planning week generating ideas for wellness opportunities for themselves and also for our kids. The school year can be stressful at times and we need to ensure we have strategies in place to take care of ourselves and our kids. You may find staff members taking a walk  or working out during a planning period. You may see a class outside doing yoga before a major test. Just know that these wellness strategies are designed to enhance the educational experiences of all learners for the long haul.

Our county has also expanded its reach on wellness by providing more resources to all of its employees. They too realize the benefit of having these programs and opportunities in place. 

If you do not currently have a wellness plan, I encourage you to find one that fits your lifestyle. When it fits your lifestyle, you are more likely to maintain a program that benefits you now and for the long term. (And think about the example you are setting for our kids).

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